Purposeful Wellness

Purposeful Wellness is about discovering and embracing who you are now. It is about releasing the thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve you, and creating a life now in which you are truly THRIVING!

Purposeful Wellness is Based on Three Pillars

Purpose – Intention – Choice

Purpose – This pillar is focused on discovering and owning our intrinsic why. In this pillar we learn to recognize and release those motivations that are not our own. We identify our core purpose which in turn is used in the other pillars to ensure our intentions and choices align with our purpose. This pillar is represented by the color green, because it is our grounding pillar – upon which Purposeful Wellness is built.

Intention – This pillar is about designing our future plans and putting them into motion. Where purpose is about the WHY – Intention is about the HOW. In this pillar we explore what actions service us and ensure those actions align with our purpose. Intention is represented by the color red because red is the color of energy and action and Purposeful Wellness ignites energy and action.

Choice – This pillar is about recognizing and owning our autonomy, and accepting the responsibility and authority to set our own course. Choice is about shifting our mindset to implement our intentions in alignment with our purpose. Choice is symbolized by the color blue because like the blue sky above when you recognize and own your autonomy there are no limits.