About Julie

I’m Julie M Gold and I help women infuse their lives with purposeful wellness. I’m a Certified Health and Wellness Coach who is on a mission to challenge conventional wisdom, and help my clients to navigate their own wellness journey with purpose, intention and choice.

I usually introduce myself as the Health and Wellness coach, who wants you to focus on diet and exercise last. It often shocks people, and frankly that is part of my intention, and it’s something I firmly believe in.  You see we’ve all been sold this idea that diet and exercise are the answer, which implies that those who struggle to master the diet and exercise balance are lazy, undisciplined, lacking self-control or some other character flaw. And I bought into this for a long time, and it is BS. Diet and exercise are great, and they will likely play a role in your wellness journey, but they are a strategy for getting a particular outcome. The key to lasting behavior change and sustainable results is to do the work in what I call ‘The Space Between’. The space between is the gap between what you genuinely want and what gets in the way of achieving it. You’ve likely experienced this when you say to yourself. “I know what I need to do, why can’t I just do it?” By uncovering the reasons behind your actions you choose to keep those that serve you and releasing those that do not. This is the work I help facilitate for my clients.

I said before that I bought into the cultural devotion to diet and exercise, and my personal story is one of the reasons I choose this profession. I come to this work with a very personal understanding of how hard behavior change is, and how my wellness journey continues to evolve, and always will. In 2001, I was in my late 20s and I was 60 pounds overweight and totally out of shape. And I decided I was going to ‘fix’ myself. So I lost the weight and jumped back into cycling and running, and I was skinny and fit, but I was not ‘fixed’. I used psychological warfare on myself to keep myself ‘in line’. My entire world was architected around being fit and trim. I was a high functioning successful professional, with lots of friends and to all outward appearances I had my shit together, but deep inside I was always afraid that I would be discovered as a fraud; a fat girl masquerading as a skinny girl. And I used this technique, healthy diet, healthy exercise and psychological warfare for the next decade. It was only when I had my twin daughters in 2011 that I realized I needed a new approach. I needed a new approach because I was terrified I would pass this technique on to my daughters, and thinking that you are going to model something that will ultimately hurt your child is just horrifying. It was about that same time that I was experiencing burn out in my career in the software industry.

With these two things happening at the same time I had to take a long hard look at my personal behaviors and my professional direction. And when I really dove deep I knew I had to make a change. I was introduced to Health Coaching and it was one of those ‘angels singing in the background’ moments. Not only was it a path for me to change my old behaviors, and therefore teach my daughters a healthy and balanced approach to their wellness; it made me want to use the techniques to help others. The idea that there was a whole professional practice that was totally committed to helping people make lifestyle changes through empowering the individual, I knew I had to join this profession.

With the support of my awesome husband, friend and family I made the leap, leaving the safe world of corporate employment into the totally unknown world of entrepreneurship. I started coaching in 2015 and haven’t looked back.

I’ve pursued training with the industry leader for Wellness Coaching, Well Coaches Corp. I’m currently a certified health and wellness coach. By the end of 2017 I will also achieve the designation of Professional Certified Health and Wellness Coach through Well Coaches. I am also sitting for the first ever National Board of Medical Examiners Health and Wellness Coach Examination in September.

I have the personal experience and the professional training to help you on your wellness journey. Join me, buck conventional wisdom and discover what works for you!